Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 1: Nature in Bright Light

SOOC, Manual Mode, ISO 100, 55mm, f/5.6, 1/400

Aperture Priority Mode, ISO 200, 18mm, f/3.5, 1/3200

{Next weeks theme: Growth}


  1. Ok, i will start with the comments!

    first, what I could have done to get a better shot: I wish I would have taken the opportunity to gather some eggs and place it closer to the one in focus to set up "the scene" better. I also wish i would have taken the egg and turned it more sideways to the camera. I mean, I know it is an egg, but others may not. Lastly, to make it a better photo, it should have been moved down more in the intersecting thirds of the bottom left corner.

    Now brittney's: It took me a while to find things that could make this photo better... it is pretty close to perfect!! You did a great job! I have 2 things... 1. I think your ISO is one stop high. I think it would be a crisper photo and the colors would be more saturated if you would have shot with an ISO of 100. Your shutter was high enough you would have still had a high SS in 100. 2. It would have been completely perfect compositionally if your main flower was just a small tad more to the left to be truly centered. Like i said, i had to dig deep to correct it... you did GREAT!

  2. So sorry for my delay in posting comments here!

    Jenny, it would be interesting to see a shot with the adjustments you mentioned, to compare the two, but I do really like yours. I think the centered composition actually works well with your subject, and maybe it's because of the season, but I knew immediately that it was an egg. :) The light and textures in your photo are really fantastic - I especially love the three degrees of detail in the grass, from the center to the foreground to the background. Excellent work, and in Manual, no less! ;)

    As for my photo, I totally agree with you about the ISO and centering the flower in the frame. I also wish that I'd brought the shot in a little tighter (or wider) so the flowers on the far left and far right weren't cut in half. And as much as I like the photo (yellow flowers just cheer me up!), I wish I'd taken a shot with more sky and then one with almost no sky, just to see if either of these would have made for a more compelling composition.

    So fun to kick this off! :)