Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 2: Growth

Manual Mode, ISO 400, 20 mm, f/3.8, 1/800

ISO 800, 55 mm, f/7.1, 1/80

{Next Weeks Theme: Trees}


  1. Jenny: wish i could have depended on him to be still long enough to work on my focus falling right on the title of the page "God is my Shepard." Not sure what else as it isnt an amazing photo to begin with. *shrugs*

    Brittney: great photo!! I love the shot- photos from behind are hard to take where they flatter the subjects! You did it! I would only say it looks a tad underexposed and tad off centered to the left. Great back drop!

  2. Wow, as usual my comments are long overdue!

    For my photo, you're absolutely right about it being underexposed! We had a bit of a delay at the beginning of our photo session, and I was slightly panicked through the rest of it because we were losing light! I do love the colors and the setting, but I should've increased my shutter speed as the image isn't as crisp as I'd like. It was a fun session, the first with my sister-in-law's blended family all together. That many people (and kids!) is always a challenge, though, LOL! :)

    Jenny, I love your pic, although I can see what you mean about maybe wanting the title of what he's reading to be in focus. But I LOVE the colors, the composition in how you framed the shot, and am dying over Rylan's fingers resting on his lip & chin! So cute! :) The whole image just captures a bit of the innocent, carefree days of childhood! Very nice.